June 16, 2024

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Optimizing Your Solar Investment: The Role and Benefits of Solar Monitoring Systems

While a solar energy system that has been bought from a reputable manufacturer and installed by a professional company typically won’t require a whole lot of maintenance or adjusting, it does make sense to monitor the panels and inverters so that you can be sure they’re performing at their best. Fortunately, doing this today is as easy as using a solar monitoring system, which your installer should be more than happy to provide you with and talk you through. Prior to such advances in technology, homeowners had to read the data from the inverter directly and track how much electricity they were using manually.

Monitoring takes place via an app on your mobile phone or an online portal and provides you with real-time data to help you see how much electricity your system is producing and whether it might be experiencing any issues that are having a negative impact on the system’s overall output.

How exactly does solar monitoring work?

Thanks to software connected to a solar system’s inverter, electricity production can easily be tracked. Additionally, the monitoring system keeps tabs on critical elements such as temperature and voltage, both of which can affect the system’s performance. Monitor the real-time performance of your own solar system using a convenient mobile app and even receive monthly reports that provide a summary of your home’s energy production. With the help of the app, you can also see the type of impact that certain weather systems are having on your solar energy system and easily detect any issues with production.

Could solar monitoring be of benefit to you?

So much more than just a tool, solar monitoring can help you lower your energy bills and give your home the protection it needs against any downtime in your solar energy system. By helping you gain a better understanding of your solar system, you can also optimise the times you’re paying for power and tweak your consumption of energy during hours such as peak daylight.

Here are a couple of the main benefits of solar system monitoring:

It can help you optimise and reduce your home’s energy costs.

During periods of inactivity (such as during the night), a solar monitoring system can help homeowners detect whether there is any unwanted energy consumption taking place and enable them to take steps to reduce it, along with their energy bill.

It can protect your home from power outages.

One of the most significant benefits of a solar monitoring system is that it can help protect your home against power outages. Should an issue arise with the solar panels or inverter, the system will send you an immediate alert and schedule preventative maintenance to prevent an imminent shutdown of the solar system and subsequent loss of power.

With a solar monitoring system purchased from a reputable solar company in Calgary (which may well be the same company that installed your solar panels), you can ensure that the entire system is working at its best all day long and all year round, helping you reduce your energy consumption and bills and maintain a consistent supply of green power.