February 27, 2024

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Mobilizing Progress:  Envisioning the Next Decade of Mobile DevOps Engineering

Mobile DevOps Engineering marked its domain in 2021, with ‘DevOps Engineer’ becoming the year’s most coveted job title.  This crescendo coincides with an industry evolution:  The DevOps market, standing at $7 billion in 2021, anticipates soaring to $51 billion by 2030.  This spike mirrors a surge in app downloads and mobile ad spending, catalyzing an increase in demand for Mobile DevOps engineers.

An emerging digital landscape faces a pressing need for these specialists.  As popularity ascends, firms strive for prompt build, test, and release times to satisfy consumer expectations.  This urgency gains momentum when looking at statistics:  mobile applications now being a primary revenue source for a third of American retailers and over half of millennial-led businesses.

The proliferating reliance on mobile applications, however, spawns new challenges.  Consumers expect impeccable performance, with 80% deleting an app after experiencing continuous problems.  Simultaneously, roughly 81% of apps are susceptible to cyberattacks, which amplifies the importance of DevSecOps.

DevOps tools significantly enhance operational efficiency.  A sizable fraction of developers now employ CI/CD tools to automate processes, substantiating their efficacy.  Bitrise, for example, is a widely adopted tool aiding Mobile DevOps engineers in minimizing build times and optimizing infrastructure spending.CEO and Co-Founder of Bitrise, Barnabas Birmacher, encapsulates this trend:  “Being mobile-first means companies are constantly optimizing their mobile offerings.”  Embracing Mobile DevOps could amplify job opportunities, stimulate demand, and uplift deliverable quality.  As we gaze into the future, Mobile DevOps Engineering is poised to script a new chapter in digital transformation.