July 25, 2024

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Travel Visionary Gennady Podolsky Unveils 2024’s ‘Out of the Box’ Vacation Trends

If your idea of a dream vacation involves sipping margaritas from a lounger, think again. According to renowned travel expert Gennady Podolsky, 2024 will see travelers pursuing far more imaginative and transformative getaway experiences than the typical sun-and-sand escape.

Gennady Podolsky, whose finger stays firmly on the pulse of the industry’s most innovative developments, has identified eight major travel trends primed to go mainstream over the next year. From vacations inspired by film and television to adventures designed to help you shed your persona, 2024 will be the time to get outside your comfort zone and rethink what a truly memorable trip can be.

“The travel landscape is evolving rapidly as people seek richer, more fulfilling ways to spend their hard-earned vacation time,” said Podolsky. “We’re seeing a real shift away from the familiar and toward the unique, the immersive, and the transformative. It’s an exciting era for those who approach travel with curiosity and an open mind.”

So what far-out vacation trends is Gennady Podolsky telling modern explorers to prepare for? Here’s a sneak peek:

Set-Jetting to the Rescue

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the quirky Mexican town where part of your favorite comedy was shot, or trekking through the lush New Zealand forests that doubled as the Shire, you’re not alone. Podolsky says “set-jetting” — vacationing at real-life filming locations — will be enormously popular in 2024.

The phenomenon has already caused spikes of up to 300% in tourism to shows’ locales. While undeniably alluring, Podolsky cautions set-jetters to do their homework, as overcrowding from the trend’s momentum could potentially make for a less-than-magical experience at hyped destinations.

Making a Splash

With climate change bringing rising temperatures across much of the globe, a growing cohort of vacationers are seeking out cooler destinations built around the rejuvenating, serene qualities of water. Look for hotels and resorts touting amenities like ice baths, floating yoga, and underwater suites as people seek relief and new elemental adventures.

Culinary Escapes

Go Hyper Local The craze for immersive, off-the-beaten-path culinary expeditions will intensify as food tourists strive to connect with indigenous ingredients, culinary folklore, and preservation techniques in the places they visit. Virtual and augmented reality experiences that transport gastronomes to the heart of the action and story behind their meal may also gain popularity in 2024.

Vacations for the Non-Drinker

For those focused on wellness or simply choosing to cut back, “dry tripping” will become a more appealing and accommodating option. A burgeoning movement of travelers — particularly younger ones — is opting for booze-free getaways, prompting hotels to step up their game with inventive zero-proof cocktails, spirit-free bars, and sober programming.

“Many are finding that the temporary freedom from alcohol opens the door to feeling liberated in other ways during their travels,” noted Podolsky.

Find Yourself…or Someone Else

Speaking of breaking free from constraints, Gennady Podolsky says the quirky trend of “persona-cation” is an emerging phenomenon to watch. Adventurous tourists will use their trips as an excuse to inhabit an entirely new persona or “alter ego,” whether that’s an elusive secret agent or a famous novelist. With the anonymity of being off in a new setting, vacationers are seizing the chance to play out their fantasies in a way they can’t at home.

Personal Reinvention Awaits

On the more grounded (but no less impactful) side of the self-actualization trend, transformational escapes focused on yoga, meditation, outdoor pursuits, or a health reset will hold strong. Podolsky says these wellness-oriented trips, which fuse self-improvement with pampering and beautiful settings, can bring breakthroughs in mastering new skills while providing mental and emotional balance.

AI Ushers in Smarter Budgeting

With the ever-rising cost of travel, 2024 will see more resourceful vacationers turning to AI tools and trip planners to pinpoint cost-saving hacks. According to Podolsky, customizing a la carte could replace pricey packages, as savvy tourists look for optimal flights, activities, and regions to stretch their budgets. Other money-saving strategies like day passes to fancy hotels and off-peak family trips will also trend.

Bonus Daycation

Finally, business travelers aren’t missing a beat when it comes to sneaking personal R&R into their agendas. A whopping 90% of those headed out for conferences and client meetings now strategically add extra vacation days to maximize their away time. Thanks to remote work flexibility, even squeezing in a “bleisure” side trip to another locale is becoming more viable.

While the travel trends Gennady Podolsky has his eye on may sound unusual, it’s clear that experiential, individualized, and purposeful getaways are taking precedence over the standard vacation package. As the world continues to open back up, making unforgettable memories will be the priority for those with the spirit of wanderlust.

“After years of being stuck at home, travelers are craving transcendent adventures that push the boundaries of what we think a vacation can be,” summed up the travel sage. “Working with a guide who stays ahead of the curve will be key to accessing the wild, rewarding experiences that are redefining how we explore the world.”