July 24, 2024

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Does a Fender Bender Count as an Accident?

Car accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence on the road. Whether they are minor or major, car accidents can be stressful and dangerous. When it comes to car insurance, one of the biggest concerns for drivers is how an accident will affect their premiums. Many people wonder if a fender bender, which is a minor collision between two vehicles that typically results in minimal damage, counts as an accident in the eyes of insurance companies. In this article, we will explore this question and provide information on other minor mishaps that can affect car insurance.

What is a Fender Bender?

A fender bender is classified as a minor car accident where vehicles collide at low speeds, usually in parking lots or bumper-to-bumper traffic. This type of accident typically results in minimal damage to the vehicles involved, such as scratches or dents on the bumper. Due to the low impact and minimal damage, fender benders are usually considered minor incidents.

Does a Fender Bender Count as an Accident?

The short answer is yes, a fender bender does count as an accident in the eyes of insurance companies. Even though the damage may be minimal, any collision between two vehicles is considered an accident. This means that if you are involved in a fender bender and file a claim with your insurance company, it will go on your driving record and can potentially affect your premiums.

Factors That Determine if Your Premiums Will Increase

After a fender bender, your insurance premiums may increase, but this is not always the case. There are several factors that come into play when determining if your premiums will go up, including:

  • Your driving history: If you have a clean driving record with no previous accidents or violations, your insurance company may be more forgiving and not increase your premiums.
  • Fault determination: Insurance companies will determine who was at fault in the fender bender. If you are deemed not at fault, your premiums may not increase.
  • The cost of the damage: If the total cost of the repairs is less than your deductible, you may not have to file a claim and therefore, your premiums will not be affected.

Other Minor Mishaps That Can Affect Your Insurance

Aside from fender benders, there are other minor mishaps that can affect your car insurance premiums. These include:

  • Damage from weather: Hail storms, floods, and other natural disasters can cause damage to your vehicle that may require repairs. If you file a claim for this type of damage, it could potentially increase your premiums.
  • Hit-and-run incidents: If someone hits your parked car and drives away, it is considered a hit-and-run incident. If you are unable to identify the other driver, you may have to file a claim with your insurance company. This can potentially increase your premiums.
  • Parking lot accidents: Similar to fender benders, collisions in parking lots often result in minimal damage and are considered minor mishaps. However, if you are at fault and file a claim, it can still affect your premiums.

In conclusion, a fender bender does count as an accident in the eyes of insurance companies. While the damage may be minimal, it is still considered a collision between two vehicles. However, whether or not your premiums will increase after a fender bender depends on various factors and can vary from one insurance company to another. It is important to consult with your insurance provider for specific information and coverage options. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to car accidents, so drive carefully and follow all traffic laws to avoid any mishaps on the road.