May 19, 2024

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8 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Health During the Winter

8 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Health During the Winter

The winter season is known for being a time of merriment and cheer, but this time of year also comes with the risk of catching more colds. Most people fall ill after being in crowds, and being overtired can also cause you to be more likely to get sick. Adding these eight simple tips to your healthcare regimen can help you feel your best for your favorite winter activities.

1- Practice Proper Hand Washing

When you go shopping or dining out, you can bet that you’ll be exposed to germs on various surfaces. Make sure to wash your hands anytime you enter your home, before you eat, and after handling objects that someone else touched. If you can’t find access to a sink, then using hand sanitizer is an excellent alternative.

2- Change the HVAC Filter

Spending more time inside opens up the potential of developing more sniffles from indoor allergies. Ideally, you should change your home’s HVAC system filter every one to three months. Switching to a filter that is meant to remove more allergens from the air can also help you avoid sneezing and stuffy noses.

3- Find Ways to Get More Vitamin D

Winter weather sometimes brings more cloudy days, or you might avoid going outside when it is cooler. Try to make it a priority to soak up some sunlight each day to help your body make vitamin D, which helps to give you more energy. You can also add foods that contain vitamin D to your diet, including salmon and milk.

4- Have Vitamin C IV Therapy

Your body’s immune system depends upon vitamin C to help ward off illnesses and recover from injuries. Vitamin C IV therapy is especially beneficial for people undergoing cancer treatment that lowers their immune system. But, just about anyone can also benefit from having an infusion of this essential vitamin.

5- Protect Your Skin

Germs often enter your body through small cuts in your skin. The winter air’s drying effect can make your skin more vulnerable to abrasions. Use a moisturizer after hand washing or showering to help replenish your skin’s natural defenses. Wearing sunscreen can also help you avoid sunburns during winter activities that expose you to the sun, such as skiing.

6- Get Enough Rest

You might be tempted to stay up late to get everything done during the holidays, but too little rest can tax your immune system. Try setting a strict bedtime for the wintertime that allows you to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

7- Plan a Winter Workout

If going for your daily jog isn’t as appealing in the winter, then you might need to consider finding a track where you can run inside. Or, you might choose to spend some extra time at the gym, if your group volleyball game is temporarily shut down for the season.

8- Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

The connection between your body and mind is often more noticeable during the winter. If you notice that you are feeling down, then you might need to expose your body to more sunlight. Or, you may need to talk to someone about your feelings of anxiety or depression. When you feel mentally well, you’ll be better prepared to also take care of your physical health.

Once winter hits full swing, you’ll want to continue to monitor your health. When you notice your energy lagging or begin to sniffle, taking action right away can help stop an illness from getting worse. While you might be spending lots of time shopping and cooking for others, carving out time for self-care makes it possible to go the extra mile for your loved ones this season.