July 12, 2024

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6 Creative Tips for Planning a Workplace Bridal Shower

6 Creative Tips for Planning a Workplace Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower for a co-worker is a bit different than planning one for your best friend. Consideration for office politics, approval from managers, and securing a time and place can be daunting. However, getting to engage your creative side should be fun. If you aren’t sure where to start or need some inspiration, here are six tips to get those ideas flowing. 

1- Destination at the Office

Destination weddings and even stylish elopements are popular for many couples. If the wedding is happening at a special location, make use of that in your theme. Beach or tropical weddings might mean a few cut hibiscus flowers and dried starfish on tables. A barn wedding might mean breaking out some mason jars and mini hay bales. Give everyone a little taste of the wedding destination. 

2- Let the Dress Decide

The wedding dress, or dresses, are often centerpieces of the wedding. You will likely have already seen many pictures of the dress. If you know your coworker is in love with her wedding dress, consider decorations that mirror the style or color. Many come in varying shades of white or ivory, but some brides choose dresses with colorful embroidery or small accents. Some brides love lace, and some love sparkles and sequins. 

You can replicate these style elements in how a cake or other desserts are decorated. Paper pom poms and table ruffles can contribute to the look. Streamers and a centerpiece can also be fashioned to showcase the dress. 

3- Repeating Colors

Many weddings have color themes, and if you chat with the bride at work regularly, you’ve likely been reminded more than a few times of those color choices. Use the wedding colors on a cake, in paper streamers, or with balloons. 

4- A Season to Celebrate

Not every wedding happens in June. Some couples prefer Autumn or Winter weddings. Whatever the season, you can get inspired by the hallmarks of the wedding date. Use small pumpkins, warm spiced beverages, and colorful leaves for Autumn. Winter weddings inspire sparkling snowflakes. Games could include trivia about the season or guessing the bride’s seasonal preferences like what she likes to wear, drink, or seasonal hobbies.

5- Flower Power

Another iconic element of many weddings is the flowers. You can make use of the flower choices in a small centerpiece, a few bud vases, or even on cupcakes. The bride will be thrilled to catch a glimpse of her wedding day through the use of flowers that will be in her bouquet. A few fun activities could include some calming coloring of flower pictures or using office supplies to make a bouquet. 

6- Tea Party!

Tea parties are classic, manageable for a work setting, and scalable, and you don’t have to have tea if that isn’t a popular beverage preference. What is most important is how the event feels. Snacks and desserts should be dainty. Decorations should be simple, but pretty. Plates, cups, and napkins should be small, feminine, and reflect the style of the event. To liven the mood, play a game of telephone where everyone offers funny advice for the bride which must be whispered from person to person. 

Let your creativity and sense of fun run a little wild at work in planning a fun bridal shower for your coworker. Everyone will appreciate a small diversion while you showcase your project management and leadership potential.