June 23, 2024

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5 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside in an Outdoor Kitchen

Wouldn’t eating outdoors on a picturesque sunny day be better than eating in a stuffy indoor kitchen? While air conditioning can make indoor dining comfortable, good food and conversation with family in a custom outdoor kitchen will be more enjoyable.

Outdoor kitchens have been a thing for a while, but the space took off during the recent global pandemic that triggered shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. Many homeowners invested money into improving their indoor and outdoor living spaces to make lemon out of lemonade. If they had to spend more time at home, it made sense to make home a more pleasant place.

The outdoor kitchen market is still going strong. While noting the U.S. outdoor furniture and kitchen market was worth around $8.75 billion in 2022, Grand View Research adds that the space is on pace to expand at a 6.6% compound annual growth rate from 2023 to 2030. 

If you’re a homeowner without an outdoor kitchen, consider these five benefits of spending time outdoors. You’ll find that an outdoor kitchen will make it easier to do just that.

1. Increase Family Time

One source notes that even one or two family meals weekly can strengthen connections and encourage healthy eating habits. An outdoor kitchen will give your family another place to spend quality time together — eating meals and doing other things.

Families don’t eat as a unit these days as much as they used to. Your kids will enjoy assembling outside on the patio deck if you get an outdoor kitchen. They won’t feel boxed in by the kitchen walls and ceiling. Investing in an outdoor kitchen is like investing in your family’s well-being.

2. Entertain More People

Do you like hosting get-togethers and dinner parties? Spending time with family, friends, and neighbors can be fun, but you don’t want people to feel crammed like sardines in a can. But that’s what might happen if you try to accommodate everyone in your home.

That’s one reason to get an outdoor kitchen. It’ll increase the usable square footage of your home. You’ll have more room to entertain, and your guests won’t feel cramped.

3. Enjoy Better Health

You and yours can enjoy many health benefits by spending more time outside. Outdoor time can reduce blood pressure, improve moods, enhance social connections, provide access to fresh air, and more. That’s yet another reason to get an outdoor kitchen. It’ll encourage you and your family to spend more time cooking, eating, and socializing outside.

4. Keep Food Aromas Outdoors

Yet another reason to spend more time outside is to keep your home from smelling like a restaurant. You’ll get to enjoy great food without the aromas lingering in your home. 

Do you want visitors to be able to tell what you had for dinner just by taking a sniff? Some food, while tasty, might not have the most pleasant smells. It’s best to keep those smells outside while cooking in a custom outdoor kitchen that offers the functionality you’re used to in your indoor kitchen. Doing so will also help keep the indoor air cleaner, which will benefit you and yours.

5. Keep Your Indoor Kitchen Cleaner

If the goal is to host a dinner party, you don’t have to stuff your indoor kitchen with people and other things. It’s easier to keep your outdoor kitchen clean than your indoor kitchen — especially if you use paper plates and cups that can be thrown out after use.

An outdoor kitchen can be a game-changer for you and your family. A custom outdoor kitchen is the best option since you can get exactly what you want and ensure it fits your outdoor space.