July 24, 2024

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4 Great Reasons to Use a Post-Frame Building as a Hobby Shed

4 Great Reasons to Use a Post-Frame Building as a Hobby Shed

Putting a post-frame building on your property is a simple way to increase your protected space. Because post-frame buildings require fewer load-bearing walls, you’ll have more room for tools, materials and everything you need to support your hobby.

1. You’ll Enjoy an Open Workspace

Post-frame buildings are rugged buildings with plenty of space. These structures can handle the weight of a garage door if you need to move in large items to work on. You’ll also enjoy plenty of ventilation through windows and passage doors.

Unlike spaces that need load-bearing walls, post-frame buildings allow for wide open work and storage spaces. Take your time when placing your storage structure for tools and supplies. Ultimately, it may make more sense to use rolling tools for a lot of your hobby tools and materials, especially if you plan to store vehicles or yard tools in the space.

2. You’ll Have a Solid Worksurface

Most post-frame buildings are constructed on a simple concrete slab. If you want to dress it up, you can dye it or use an epoxy product to add sheen or color. Because your post-frame building can be mostly open inside, you’ll have loads of room to roll tools bins and other containers around.

Talk with your contractor about concrete seams and their orientation. If you plan to invest in rolling toolkits, knowing where the concrete seams will lay out can help you plan your storage space.

3. Storage Lofts Offer Extra Room

Only you know what you need to store in your hobby shed. However, a bit more room for more materials or small tools never hurts. Adding a loft to your post-frame building will not take a great deal of effort and a simple staircase will get you up to this extra storage spot.

Now may also be the time to consider putting in lift points in your post-frame building. If you’ve got storage up high and plan to retire on this property, it might also be a good plan to put in a lift on the staircase. There’s no reason to not enjoy every inch of your post-frame building!

4. You Can Easily Customize the Building

Post-frame buildings are easy to add to. If you want a porch, you can put one on it. If you need more ventilation or a skylight, you can add that too. Most post-frame buildings feature a metal exterior and metal roof, so added insulation is a good plan if you live in a region that gets a lot of rain or has a high risk of hail.

You can also put in an HVAC system or upgrade your electrical feed. Do consider the need to move air around. A post-frame building is a large, open space, even with storage lofts. Having fans in the gables is a good start; you may also want a fan to move air inside your post-frame building.

With a post-frame building on your property, you may quickly find that your hobby activities expand. Luckily, these flexible buildings offer owners many options for protecting and storing your hobby tools and materials.