June 21, 2024

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4 Great Advantages of Purchasing Your Headstone in Advance

4 Great Advantages of Purchasing Your Headstone in Advance

Most people do not want to think about their death. However, it has become commonplace to preplan one’s funeral. Preplanning helps to take the burden off your family while they are in a state of grief. There are many elements to consider when preplanning a funeral. One of those is choosing a headstone. Here are four great advantages of purchasing your headstone in advance.

1- Artistic Authority

The headstone is a representative of the person who has passed. By purchasing your headstone in advance, you have the artistic authority to personalize it your way. Are you known for telling a joke, or do you have a favorite saying? Consider having it engraved on your headstone. You can decide on the style, color, and size. Maybe you want to have a picture or a favorite Bible verse. You get to make the decisions.

2- Saves Money

Purchasing your headstone will save your family money. During a time of grief, it is easy to overspend because emotions are running high. Families may not know what type of headstone to get and pick anything. They could easily spend too much money without realizing it.

Headstones are expensive. The cost of labor, materials, and taxes will only increase over time. Consider it a sound investment in your legacy. Purchasing the headstone in advance will prevent your family from a financial burden later on. Instead, they can focus on other necessary matters.

3- Takes the Burden Off Your Loved Ones

There are plenty of decisions to make after the death of a loved one. Spouses, children, and other family members will feel overwhelmed. Deciding on a headstone may be more stressful than some family members can handle. Your family will be grateful you loved them enough to remove that burden from their to-do list.

For couples who want plots next to each other, purchasing their headstone in advance will guarantee it is a joint decision. Couples can take comfort in one another while choosing their headstone. Doing it together prevents the spouse who is left alone from having to make decisions for both of you. It could provide comfort to you both.

4- Finding the Right Location

If you have family plots, you are already head. However, if you have not purchased a plot, you may want to consider it before purchasing your headstone. If you have a location in mind, do not expect the cemetery to have room when you die. By purchasing your headstone early, you can pick your location. You will have the option to decide how you want your headstone to face. Some people request their headstone to face the sun, while others may prefer it to face the mountains or other scenery. Maybe you want to be placed on top of the hill. You will get to make that choice.

Going out to shop for your headstone may seem morbid to some. However, it is as much for you as for your loved ones. It is a way to ease the burden on them. For you, it is a personal way to think about your legacy.