September 30, 2023

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3 Special Gifts for Your Wife This Christmas

3 Special Gifts for Your Wife This Christmas

That special time is just around the corner and if you’re tired of leaving gift ideas until the last minute, I’ve got some wonderful suggestions for you. Chances are your wife does a lot around the home, takes care of you and the kids, probably works a job… the list goes on. Christmas is a great excuse to spoil her and to make her feel really special! There are three gift ideas that I always suggest that a husband consider getting his wife as women across the board tend to love these things. If you’re looking for something special, memorable and something she’s likely to brag to her friends about, keep reading!

A Piece of Jewelry
This is one of those easy gift ideas that almost every woman will love. Why not look at ethical jewelry? You can enjoy giving it to your wife knowing that fair prices were paid and no child labour was used in the process of sourcing the materials and making the pieces. I tend to suggest sticking to the classics – gold or silver. You can go for something modern and trendy, or something classical, but choosing one of those metals means that it will hold its value, it won’t cause any allergic reactions and is good quality. The nice thing about choosing jewelry is that it’s something she can wear every day and will likely be complimented on by other women!

A Voucher for Somewhere She Loves
Many women tend to forget to treat themselves, they’re so busy taking care of others that they often neglect their own self care which can leave their batteries flat and them feeling run down. One of the best things you can do is get your wife a voucher for somewhere she loves to go. Whether it’s a voucher for a pedicure at her favorite spa, or a body massage and treatment somewhere new. Getting her something where she has to take care of herself is a wonderful gift I’m sure she will treasure and really appreciate. If you’re not sure where she’d like to go, ask her best friend for some tips!

A Photoshoot
Women tend to be a lot more sentimental than men and a photoshoot is a special way to remember this stage of your lives. If you have children, chances are she will love the photoshoot to remember them while they’re this small and to get some photos of her. Too often the women are the photo takers and are behind the lens in most family pictures. If you haven’t expanded your family, why not get family pictures taken with you, your wife and any pets you have? If you’re a bit camera shy yourself, why not consider doing a boudoir photoshoot – that can be a gift for your wife that you both enjoy!

Any of these three ideas I’m sure will be really appreciated by your wife. If you can think of any particular gifts that might be related to a new hobby she has been enjoying lately, it might be worth considering those too. If you’re really stuck on what she will love, don’t ask her! Ask her best friend. That way you can get accurate advice without ruining the surprise aspect.