April 15, 2024

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Teen Driving Rules You Should Consider Enforcing On Your Teenager

Your teenager getting behind the wheel could be a very scary idea for you as a parent or fellow driver. Driving is something that needs to be taken seriously as an accident could be fatal. Not every teen is ready to drive as soon as they meet the minimum age restrictions for driving the state has put in place. Driving is truly a privilege that needs to be respected. Setting rules for grades or other requirements to earn the right to drive is important. The following are rules that you should impose on your new teen driver. 

Enforce State Curfew Laws 

Curfew is a point of tension with a number of teens. Allow the state’s law for teen drivers to dictate their curfew. Getting caught out after this curfew can be something that leads to the suspension of a driver’s license or learning permit. These curfews are not enforced if your teen is heading to work or a school event. 

Limit The Number Of Passengers In The Car 

Distractions are a part of driving that your teen has to ignore. Other passengers in the car can be a huge distraction whether they are changing the music or talking way too loud. There are friends that your teen might have that could be a nightmare to drive with. As your teen gets more experience you can start to allow more people in the car at once. For the first few months, your teen probably shouldn’t have anyone in the car just to be safe. The last thing you want to do is deal with a passenger’s personal injury attorney after a serious accident. 

Zero Tolerance For Substance Abuse 

Substance abuse is a part of life that impacts so many people. Teens experimenting with alcohol and driving intoxicated can have deadly implications. Revoking driving privileges is going to be very important if your teen breaks this rule. You do not want them to injure themselves or another driver. You also do not want your teen to have any type of criminal record due to an unfortunate decision. Uber does exist and being a parent your child can call for a ride at any hour is very important.

Weather Should Be A Consideration

You could have a teen driver that is so responsible behind the wheel and in other areas of their life. The weather can cause accidents for some of the most experienced drivers out there. A frozen highway can be a recipe for disaster and on these days it is better to just stay home. There are so many people involved in unnecessary accidents due to trying to brave inclement weather. Even allowing your teen to stay out later than their curfew can be an option if the weather is severe enough. 

Teen drivers can make life so much more convenient in a variety of ways. The ability to drive can allow them to take their siblings to school or run other types of errands. A safe teen driver can make life far easier on their parents as it is a big step towards becoming an independent adult.