May 20, 2022

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EVOU Canada Announces Their Digital Art Programs

Canadian Art School, EVOU, is proud to announce the launch of their new digital programs — a range of programs you can choose from. This includes 5 art programs for all ages and all levels of knowledge, covering over 70,000 years of recorded Art History and offering 364 inspiring art courses to cultivate one’s creative mind.

“For years, EVOU has been providing students with top-quality art education allowing students to innovate and progress to their fullest potential through art. We encourage them to their greatest evolution.”

EVOU’s innovative programs are designed to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace, continued education in art, and in the growing art industry. With a focus on creativity and collaboration, EVOU’s digital programs will give students the edge they need to compete in today’s job market. Throughout their years of experience and expertise, EVOU is well-equipped to provide students with the best education possible. Their faculty is made up of 12 art experts who are passionate about their field and are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and become innovators.

Whether you are interested in traditional art, 3D and 2D digital art, portfolio presentation, or art history courses (cultural diversity and African history),  EVOU has a program that is perfectly fit for you. 

About EVOU

EVOU is a digital art school and resource centre that offers an all encompassing framework in the practical and theoretical study of art and art history. EVOU was created with the intent of providing artists with a holistic and integrated approach in education covering all aspects of art that will allow them to further pursue their artistic endeavours, either in continued education or entry into the professional art world.

EVOU’s courses were developed and curated by professional artists with an extensive understanding of the foundational knowledge needed for artists to evolve and innovate in the art world. We believe in the freedom of creation, innovativity, and the evolution of the artist’s personal style. With this endeavour, one’s journey with EVOU will provide artists with the necessary tools, techniques, concepts, and understanding to transcend social and cultural norms and cultivate their own visions.

Students embark on an educational path through integrated and principled approaches to art education, exploring interconnected subjects and methods, and contextualizing them in significant historical and contemporary art periods.

Visit EVOU today, find courses, learn about our instructors and discover the evolution of you. Head over at for more information.

Upcoming Events

Are you interested in Cultural Diversity within the arts? 

Let EVOU take you adept with a pantheon of art history and cultural diversity within arts. Get acquainted with our innovative programs and explore the realms of African culture.

Join 10 sessions with one of our multidisciplinary artists, Philip Sanders to talk on cultural diversity and African art history. 

To register, go to this link:

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