May 19, 2024

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Top Self-Help Podcasts that you’ll actually listen to on Vacation and Why You Need Them

Building stronger relationships, securing financial freedom, feeling good in your skin and reaching fulfillment in business and in life, depends on our ability to listen, learn, lead and communicate effectively. 

We live in a time of ever-increasing busyness, where technology has become one of the greatest facilitators of modern learning. Reigning comfortably atop the pyramid of personal development tools, Podcasts provide a time-efficient solution to upskilling on-the-go, and they are being utilized by high-achievers the world over. 2023 has given rise to over 5 million active podcasts with over 70 million total episodes streaming throughout the world. Understandably, the task of filtering and prioritizing which to listen to next can be overwhelming. 

To alleviate this potentially angst-inducing process, below is list of Podcasts from Female Entrepreneurs we love, to facilitate a peaceful flow down the river of perpetual growth:

One: Listening without action is a waste of time!

Mind your mind or your mind will mind you. Our thoughts can either allow us to rise up or pull us down. The latest brain research shows that we have the ability to change our thoughts, to take back our power and to rise up. This is in no way easy, because our brain has evolved to resist change, and you’d best believe that it will want to hold on to familiar thoughts that keep you safe and prevent you from taking action.

To assist you in telling the bully in your brain to fluff off and allow you to take control of your thoughts, in the interest of rising up, rather than being pulled down, I recommend ‘Jay Shetty On Purpose Podcast’ – more specifically, the episode with Jim Kwik. Stop what you are doing and go listen now! It is a game changer!

Remember, listening without action is a waste of time. Make sure you take action off the back of every Podcast listened to!”

–  Allison Solomon

Two: The foundation for a happy life! 

“Being the social creatures that we are, being a good friend is one of the cornerstones of a happy life. Adult friendships can be challenging enough, yet adult female friendships are often especially fraught with miscommunications and misunderstandings. 

When you add external complications to your lifestyle, such as being an entrepreneur, a creative, or living with chronic invisible and undetected disabilities, it can be even harder to feel like you’re making quality connections with trusted and supportive individuals. I enjoy ‘Friendshipable: A Project BFF Podcast’, because it helps me see situations and behaviors through different lenses, while providing me with ideas for being a better friend. Episodes are short and sweet, so listening doesn’t require a significant time commitment.“

Kelly J Mendenhall

Three: Your thoughts create your results!

“I started listening to ‘The Life Coach School Podcast’ about 5 years ago, and my life has been completely transformed by learning that my thoughts create my results, along with what I get out of life; and I’m not at the mercy of my circumstances.

Applying this age-old concept helps you figure out what to do when you feel like you are at the mercy of the circumstances in your life, or when you feel like life is happening ‘to’ you. It offers a completely simple yet revolutionary way to deal with the situations in our lives.”

Melissa Kellogg Lueck

Four: Actionable business advice for today, not tomorrow!

“As business owners, we need actionable and immediate ways to move the needle forward.
‘Real Chat with Kat’ speaks into industry best practices for entrepreneurs, and is definitely the podcast for fun, relatable content, and simple tips for upleveling in your business.

The content covers a wide variety of entrepreneurship related issues, it’s practical and recommends everything from content creation and time management, to personal development. Recently an EFT practitioner provided an actual exercise to implement immediately after listening. Go give it a listen!”

Elle Romsloe

Five: Wake up to healing! 

“Being a Mama, there are struggles every day. Having a place to land that speaks into the daily realities of life as a mama is important, and that is exactly what ‘Morning Mama – Wake Up to Healing’ offers.

It’s a Christian faith-based podcast created by a family therapist, which checks all the boxes. The host, Brittany Wilson, is energetic and engaging; she presents challenges and solutions in a thoughtful and nonjudgmental way. I leave each episode thankful that I am not alone in my daily struggles, feeling empowered to improve.

Listen for inspiration or nuggets of wisdom that you can implement in your own life. It could be something as simple as trying a new recipe or something as serious as trying a new parenting technique. Don’t be afraid to adapt what you learn to fit you!”

Laura Social Savvy Geek

Six : Grow your emotional intelligence and authenticity!

‘The Authentic Gay Man Podcast’, by Coach Maddox is emotionally intelligent and inspiring.

No matter your sexual orientation, this podcast offers intelligent reflections on challenges that often come up in relationships with ourselves and others, which can support you to shift your own experience in your relationship with yourself and others. When we truly love ourselves, and are really comfortable with who we are, this is what liberates us to actually be available for a relationship with another person.”

Jennifer Zundel

Seven : Life by design!

“Human Design with Nicole Laino. For anyone fascinated with different aspects of self-awareness, who desire to dive into things like personality psychology, attachment theory, neuropsychology, and trauma research, this podcast brings a unique lens through which all of these can be explored. 

This podcast was created specifically for entrepreneurs and high-achievers who want to learn how to live life and run a business in a way that is truly authentic to who they are as a person. The claim is that by learning to live by your human design, life and business flows easily, and with more peace as you step into the highest expression of who you are. By learning your chart basics, you can start making super small tweaks to how you are showing up right away to reduce the feeling of resistance and friction in your life and create more of a natural flow.”

Jessica Jordan-Munn

Nine : Business advice from real moms!

“Brittany Budd – The Content Queen’ is by far one of the most authentic, entertaining and down-to-earth valuable Coaches to follow.” She says things that will get you unstuck, not in a direct ‘do-this’ action, but rather she says things from a fresh perspective that inspires you to think about  scenarios completely differently. Which leads to innovation!

Cassie Kramer

Ten : Meditate and Live Awake!

Authentic, heart-centered, soulful listening! ‘Live Awake’ by Sarah Blondin is my go-to, especially in times of challenge and healing. Her work is incredibly supportive and connects deeply to spiritual women globally.

Her meditations and tangible steps to better spiritual hygiene offer reconnection with oneself. If you’re looking to create or deepen a spiritual practice, start by listening to ‘Live Awake’”

Shannon Olsen