August 16, 2022

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E.A. Smiroldo Has Written a Fantastic First Novel, and She Wants To Tell The World About It

The authoress recently sat down for an interview about her breakout novel, The Silent Count.

Who were some of the authors that inspired you in the writing of your first novel?

She says that Jane Austen is a major influence in her writing efforts. She always manages to create a fictitious character that is really relevant, particularly to young ladies both of our ages and her own.

Her feminine avatars advocate for all that a modern woman should stand for, including independence, romanticism, and an unrelenting desire for their interests. She wrote funny, sardonic novels, which was rare for her day.

When Smiroldo started reading her love novels, one of the first things she noticed was how strong-willed and independent the ladies were. 

“Give a lady an education and expose her correctly to the world, and ten to one that she has the means of settling well, without further expenditure to anybody,” advises Austen.

Although she writes novels about romance and men, she shows young girls and women today that their future is more diverse than simply romance and men.

Women don’t absolutely need a male to succeed in the world; women are capable of being brave and independent. Not in a feminist sense at all. 

In an age of misfit women who rely on their appearance to get them through life’s challenges, this is just what women need to believe in according to the author. Women are not stabilized by the guys they place their trust in; they are stabilized by their education and connection to the outside world. Men often serve just as a diversion.

You’re also a professional musician and lyricist as well, is that right?

Yes, she admits. 

She says she loves playing guitar the best and often spends up to seven hours a day practicing on it. She plays all the guitar parts on the soundtrack to her novel The Silent Count. And wrote all the lyrics to the songs. She says that music helps her concentrate on smoothing out the bumpy patches of the narrative, and as long as she can play her music she never gets writer’s block.

Author E. A. Smiroldo’s book The Silent Count is now available through Solstice Publishing, Amazon, and other booksellers.

For further information, go to the webpage of E. A. Smiroldo.

E. A. Smiroldo is a writer, singer, and nuclear engineer who has a wide range of viewpoints.

She is determined to highlight how crucial it is for us to have mutual trust and love given how near mankind is to experiencing a serious climate disaster.

Engineering is E. A. Smiroldo’s field of study.

She has been nominated for a Washington Area Music Association Award as a singer-songwriter and has received awards in writing contests held by the International Screenwriters’ Dig and the Bethesda Literary Festival.

She optioned the treatment for her script with X-ray Media after putting in the latter.

Visit E. A. Smiroldo’s website to learn more about her and her first book, The Silent Count.