May 19, 2024

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3 Backyard Features That Add Value

There’s no question that the pandemic has turned most of us into homebodies in recent years. Logically, home buyers are looking for properties that offer a little slice of heaven in the form of a backyard escape.

If you’re a homeowner ready to list your house on the market, you’ll set yourself apart from other listings in your area by adding backyard features that foster relaxation and play. Here are some ideas to enhance your outdoor living spaces and add value to your home!

Build a deck to value to your home

Comfortable outdoor spaces are ideal for summer grilling, socializing, and stargazing with friends and loved ones. Well-built decks are the perfect settings for those carefree, “staycation” vibes many seek. Wooden deck additions have a fantastic ROI, and they’re an easy sell to prospective homebuyers because they’re durable, low maintenance, and look great!
Invest in a pool

There’s nothing quite like diving into a backyard pool on a sweltering summer’s day. While a swimming pool is more of an investment than a new deck, it will entice buyers, especially those with children or anyone who dreams of living in their own vacation spot. You’ll likely need to invest a minimum of $30,000 to install an inground pool, but depending on your property, it could be the upgrade that seals the deal. 

Spark interest with a fire pit or outdoor kitchen

Heat your listing up with fiery elements! From a more modest investment like a well-designed firepit to a dreamy (but more costly) outdoor kitchen, add character to your backyard with updates that excite homebuyers and differentiate your property from other homes on the market.

Work with Curbio to make backyard dreams a reality

From small landscaping projects to luxury enhancements, Curbio will manage the upgrades that boost your backyard’s ambiance. We manage, complete, and finance home improvements needed to get houses on the market and sold quickly.

Renovations completed through Curbio’s concierge pre-listing service are hassle-free and maximize earning potential for homeowners. Pay us once your house is sold. Home improvements with Curbio are easy-breezy, like a summer’s day. Learn more or start your estimate today.